Should I Bring My Family to a Home Inspection?

An important factor it consider is that home inspectors and real estate professionals must adhere to a
strict code of ethics in order for the sale process to benefit everyone.

The home inspector may be liable for any damages, mishaps or safety concerns that may occur on a property when it is inspected.

It is not advisable to bring anyone to view the home who is not directly involved in the home inspection process.

The following email was sent recently to the Anchorage area home inspectors from Bev Rude at the Alaska Multiple Listing Service on Oct. 10, 2017.

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To our Valued Home Inspectors:

There have been a couple of reports concerning Buyer activity during Home Inspections, from safety concerns of unsupervised children to buyers making coffee and relaxing.

There seems to be an increase in Home Inspectors being on their own with buyers during Inspections; and some confusion as to the responsibilities of parties.  For the benefit of all Participants, AK MLS felt that clarification was needed.

As a Home Inspector with SentriLock Access, you would be responsible for any buyer clients you allow access during the inspection.

As a Home Inspector without SentriLock Access, the licensee that allowed you and your clients entry to the home should remain on site as they are the responsible party for that access (unless they have specific permission from the seller or their representative to do otherwise).

In summary, if you are the one whom is permitted access, you are the responsible party for any and all persons in the property at that time.

Excerpt from the SentriLock Agreement:

Use of SentriCard. AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANT understands that the SentriCard is only to be used for entry into a property that AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANT has obtained permission to access. Any person(s) that AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANT allows access into property must be accompanied by AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANT at all times. No personal property may be removed and/or duplicated from property without owner’s consent including key(s) to property.

Listing Licensees may, at their discretion, issue access codes to professionals that do not require direct supervision from Listing Licensee.  Should any AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANT gain an access code to a property other than their own listings, Authorized Participant must accompany all persons accessing through that code.  Alaska MLS and SentriLock Support may issue One Day Codes to Authorized Participants for access by Authorized Participants only.  Associate Members are authorized for access to properties only for the purpose of Appraisal or Home Inspection of property as contracted.

Thank you.

Alaska Multiple Listing Service, Inc.


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